Finding a place to live in NYC can sometimes be difficult on your own. That’s why Bluedata offers optional housing assistance to its international students.  Students may speak to their agent regarding further information on housing options in NYC.


Finding the right apartment in New York is one of the most important things to accomplish and may not be easy.


Search on Your Own
If you plan on searching for a place to live on your own, the following links may be useful: (English) (中文) (日本語)日本語) (日本語) (日本語) (日本語) (한국어)


Unlimited Counseling
Unlimited walk-in academic, personal, and immigration counseling are provided to students all day long and all year round. Our agents/counselors are sensitive, friendly, and dedicated. They work closely with their students to meet all of their personal, academic, and professional needs while attending Bluedata.
Bluedata also provides other services for students (i.e. opening a bank account, applying for a driver’s license, etc). Additional assistance is extended to students who need verification of their student status.
Make an appointment with your counselor/agent today to see how we can meet your needs!
We are open to your suggestions. Please contact us at

Health Insurance

Since medical treatment in NYC is very expensive without insurance, it is highly recommended for all international students to purchase student health insurance for their stay in NYC.
All international students holding F1 visa have the option of purchasing AIG’s affordable Compass Health Insurance plan, or ISO’s International Student Health Insurance. Students may speak to their counselor/agent at any time regarding further information about student health insurance.

Study Environment
Bluedata is providing free textbooks for classroom use. Students can also buy the new textbooks from us or online. Student lounge is serving free refreshments (coffee and water) and regularly updated magazines and newspaper.  Computer lab is open for students. Full free Wi-Fi coverage.

Student ID Card
All students attending Bluedata are able to receive a complimentary student ID Card. Having a student ID card is helpful for receiving discounted admission to many museums in NYC and for other benefits. In order to receive a student ID, students must submit two passport-sized photos to their agent or to the Front Desk.

Certificates and Transcripts
All students who have attended our school can request to get transcripts. Certificates will be issued upon the classes are over and certain qualifications are met.

Monthly Recreation/Social Events
While attending Bluedata, all students have access to many fun, educational, social, and recreational activities.
Throughout the course of study, teachers take students on cultural outings/field trips in New York City, ranging from museum visits to outdoor activities, cultural parades, and free concerts. Our staff is also ready to assist students with directions to events and suggestions for activities. For the student’s convenience, the school makes a monthly calendar of social, educational, and cultural activities in New York City which also includes all locations and cost information.
To further enhance the student’s social and cultural experiences, our friendly staff plans annual holiday parties at school to foster school spirit and introduce students to American culture and holidays. Some of these holidays include New Year’s, Christmas, and Halloween.

Airport Pickup
All international students are required to report directly to Bluedata upon arrival in NYC. Bluedata provides airport pickup information to its international students per students’ request.



For more details, please call 212-683-6250

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